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Fertilization and Weed Treatment


Welcome to Affordable Lawn Service of Fort Worth.  We are a locally owned business located in Fort Worth Texas.  We are proudly owned and operated by US military veterans and our goal is to make each lawn as beautiful as our own so you can count on us to get the job done right and on time.  We take the time to carefully manage and service your lawn to your satisfaction.  So contact us today for a quote.

Mulching helps create and sustain a climate in your gardens or plant beds. In addition to this mulch adds a layer over what would be bare soil which is very susceptible to weed growth. Mulch enhances the look of any landscape while offering multitude of benefits to the health and life of your plants. Here are some ways that mulching can enhance the life of your gardens:

- Blocks the light necessary for weeds to germinate
- Reduces evaporation which prevents soil erosion caused by wind and rain
- Keeps soil cool during hot summer days and protects plant roots during the winter
- Prevents soil-borne fungal diseases

We have access to a variety of mulches that come in many different colors that can enhance the look of your plants and landscape.  Let us help you design your dream landscape by selecting the right type of mulch and mulching materials for your gardens and plant beds.

Just as grass needs water to grow, it needs proper nutrients in the soil to grow well. That's where our chemical program comes in. Our program includes every treatment necessary for your lawn to develop into a beautiful yard. 

For a nice, green lawn that is free of weeds, let us focus first on getting your grass healthy, then give it a couple of months to become strong before applying weed control products. Minimize turf areas, so that you’re only growing grass where grass easily grows. A small patch of healthy grass is far more attractive than a huge expanse of thin, weedy lawn.

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